Teaching Telling Time

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An interactive game to reinforce key skills. This fun online game is a great practice tool for learning to tell time. Start students on Level 1 to practice telling time to.

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PowerPoint to develop knowledge and understanding of telling the time to the half hour and quarter hour. Easy to change and use to meet.

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Telling Time – Telling Time is an interactive applet that helps students learn to tell time using the analogue clock. Helpful for preschoolers, kindergarteners, first.

Children’s Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes Collection – telling time. Clocks and telling time educational lessons and ideas using nursery rhymes.

A selection of songs and lyrics from a variety of different albums teaching how to count, recognize shapes, use the concept of zero, use units of measurement and money.

Brief Description Three activity sheets help develop and reinforce students’ clock/telling-time skills. Objectives

This freebie is designed to help you supplement teaching time to your students. This unit focuses on both digital and analog clocks and telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter after and quarter to.

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Student learn about telling time on an analog clock and we also look at time in math and word problems in this lesson set.

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Spanish La Hora – Spanish time worksheets, lesson plans, Powerpoint presentations and more.

PowerPoint to develop knowledge and understanding of telling the time to the half hour and quarter hour. Easy to change and use to meet.

In this lesson, learners will be introduced to telling the time in English. They will practise telling the time with a variety of activities, and will make their own clock.

Tick-tock goes the clock! In this telling time song, kids learn how to tell time to the hour and half-hour.

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Time for Time is a resource for teachers and students to learn everything you could want to know about the concept of time.

Games, lessons and activities to teach telling time to kids. Resources include interactive clock games, quizzes, flashcards, and video tutorials. Children’s literature is recommended for use in reinforcing clock and telling time.

The Young Workers Hub is designed to educate students in years 11 and 12 who have part-time jobs about their rights at work.

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Multiple choice and write in exercises to practice telling the time with analog clock. Includes o´clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.

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It doesn’t make sense for a teacher to waste precious class time to teach teenagers how to read an analog clock just so they can tell time during an exam. And if students can’t read traditional clock.

First grade teachers, I implore you: Do not start off teaching time the traditional method. Yes, I know that Common Core gives you a sequence which has been used way before Common Core even existed.

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